A young man thought of his family as he took off his vest

With the words United States Army embroidered on the chest

He had grown tired of being deployed all over the place

Tired of riding through countries to see another sad face

He missed his wife, daughter, mother, not to mention his two brothers

He signed up to protect his country, not to destroy others

It seems like Kim was born yesterday, now she’s turned five

This little girl wonders everyday if daddy’s still alive

He sat up in his bed that night, both eyes drowning in his tears

He then moved like a ninja through the night, packed up all his gear

A soldier who missed his family and didn’t want to fight

He left Army life behind him as he fled into the night

He thought of being back with family, thought life would be fine

Sadly he would never see them again, walking on a land mine

-Daevone Molyneux


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