Misunderstood Robot

robot monster

Robot monster, robot monster oh please spare us your pity

On these scared people running as you rampage New York City

News reporters think they know about you, they don’t understand

They claim you’re a weapon of destruction from the Taliban

But I think you’re a gentle giant searching for your worth

That might be the real reason why you’ve been wandering the Earth

Fear has spread all over the city and it has gone so far

That a frightened person drove off the bridge, speeding in their car

I think you’re an intriguing robot that I should try to tame

That’s why I ignore my mother’s screams and climb your metal frame

The people start shouting and pointing their fingers in dismay

I stand atop your hand looking into circle eyes of gray

A robotic creation just searching for someone to love

The nobility of a lion, but gentle as a dove

You then look back at me, giving a kind smile nevertheless

Then and there something catches my eye, the button on your chest

When I press that button, something happens to surprise us all

Our giant robot monster shrinks down to the size of a doll

The newspapers say I saved us from a robotic menace

But today I made a friend, the toy robot I named Dennis

-Daevone Molyneux


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