What Fuels Your Writing?


This morning I woke up and glanced over at my bedside table and the notebooks on top of it. Inside those notebooks, my characters, plot, and story structure live and breathe. I’m still in the planning stages of my novel and I feel an unexplainable hunger to just get it finished already. Some days the ideas don’t flow, but other days can be like an ocean. Most people probably would’ve given up by now and thrown away those ideas, but not me.

My main character is talking in my ear 24/7 and lives inside my head. He and the world he lives in call me to the page. I am their magician, their warrior, their god. They call upon me to create their world and direct their lives.

That’s part of the reason why I keep going. That hunger to create new worlds and lives on the page drives me. Novel writing is a bumpy ride, but I’m enjoying the journey. That’s the fuel I’m powered by.

Enough about me, what about you? What fuels your writing?


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