Sweat dripping, legs shaking, maybe the shedding of a tear

These are all side effects of a disease we call fear

The fear of spiders, strangers, or swimming in the ocean

There might not even be a more damaging emotion

You’ll end up regretting your hesitations tomorrow

Abandon fear and with it the regrets that may follow

It makes us doubt all that we know, even our credentials

We are frozen in time and never reach our potentials

Everybody has been there, blinded in the confusion

The next time you doubt remember that fear’s an illusion

When we get older we see the other side of the fence

Then we laugh about how those fears had never made any sense

It’s fear that finds me, fear that blinds me, it’s not what it seems

It’s fear that shakes me, fear that takes me away from my dreams

– Daevone Molyneux


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