Beware Of Dog

Beware Of Dog

Beware Of Dog


Ian fixed his gaze across the table at Marsha. And who could blame him? She was possibly the most beautiful woman ever created. Soft skin, pearly whites, curly hair running down her back, and not to mention the rack of a goddess. Tonight she wore a pearl necklace, a red dress, and heels to match. Sure, she has more hair on her arms and legs than most women, but nobody’s perfect, right?

“Ian.” Ian blinked out of his trance. “I’ve caught you staring at my chest all night, this is the fourth time.” Marsha said from the other side of the table.

“Sorry, I can’t help it, you’re so gorgeous.”

“You’re just dating me so I can be some showgirl on your arm. Is this what this is about? asked Marsha, glaring at him from the other side of the table.

Marsha was indeed beautiful, but Ian had been asking questions all night, trying to get to know her better. Maybe she didn’t trust him on the first date? But how could she not trust him, they had been coworkers for the last five months.

Ian fidgeted in his chair nervously. He needed to think of something to calm her nerves or the situation could get hairy. It had taken him so long to ask her out, there was no way that he’d ruin this opportunity. Ian put down his shish kabob. He had an idea.

“Look Marsha,I think we’re really connecting together. You know? We have great food, great conversation. Check this out, I have another treat for you,” Ian pointed a finger up at the night sky. “It’s a full moon tonight. What’s more romantic than a full moon?”

Marsha’s eyes grew  wide at that moment.

“I’m sorry, but I really have to go.” Marsha said, quickly grabbing her coat and purse as she left the table.

Ian took a while to react, but rose out of his chair just as quickly. Why did she just get up and leave? Was it something he said? Ian juked past the other tables as he tried to catch up with Marsha. He paid no attention to the angry waiter cursing him out for not paying the bill. When he got outside, Ian saw Marsha hurrying down the street at a blistering pace.

“She moves so fast for somebody wearing heels.” Ian  said aloud, already a block behind her, panting under his breath.

After two more blocks of cat and mouse, Marsha made a left, turning into the woods. Ian didn’t know why a woman in heels would go into the woods, but followed her inside anyway.

Inside the forest was dark and quiet, the air still and chilly. Ian slowed down, hoping to catch his breath after what felt like an Olympic race. Twigs and leaves cracked beneath Ian’s feet as he dodged branches from nearby trees. There was now a pain in his chest, like a stabbing knife, but he kept moving. He looked around the forest, trying to figure out where Marsha could’ve gone. He heard a rustling in the nearby bushes and turned his head, trying to see what it was.

Through the shrubbery, Ian saw an alarming number of yellow eyes, glowing in the moonlight. He turned away from them, avoiding the bushes and noticed  a path of footprints ahead. Maybe that was where Marsha could’ve gone. Ian sprinted down the path, inspired by the new hope in front of him.

There was a figure standing in the open part of the forest, staring at Ian as he ran up. Ian stopping dead in his tracks, frozen by fear and curiosity of what he was looking at. The figure was about six feet tall, with a long torso and arms extending to its knees. It was wearing Marsha’s red dress, along with the heels and necklace. It has the face of a wolf with claws, teeth, and thick black fur covering it body.

By this time, other figures began emerging from the woods, forming a circle around Ian. Just like the first creature, they were covered in fur, wearing human clothing, and had the heads of wolves. Drool dripping down from their snouts, they walked menacingly towards him. Ian’s eyes darted left and right, looking for a way out, like a fly in a spider’s web.

“M-Marsha. I-is that you?” Ian asked the first figure.

He would never get an answer, The last thing he saw was the first wolf raise a clawed finger to him and the others leaping on top of him. He heard howling, followed by the sound of tearing flesh. Then everything went black.

©  Daevone Molyneux, 2013


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