Life Goes On



In high school, everyone just wanted to be accepted.

When I was in high school, I hung around all sorts of people, because I too wanted to be accepted. I would dress like a certain group, talk like them, and even download whatever music they listened to.

With each passing year, I changed a little as I started to learn who I truly was, who Daevone truly was. Each new self-discovery distanced me from some of those I knew. Today, I look at some of the people I knew in high school and what used to be similarities between us have now become differences. They have changed and so have I.

Today, thinking about those friends who I no longer speak to struck a nerve because of the memories we’ve had together. Fun times, conversations, inside jokes, and just plain old companionship are all hard to forget.

People change as they grow older, and with those changes comes a sort of friction. We lose touch with some people we meet in our lives, but we’ll meet many more who share our interests as well.

Today, I have a wonderful group of friends who appreciate me and we share the same interests. It feels as though old friends were never lost, they were simply replaced and upgraded. I’ve learned that no matter where we live or who we chose to be, there will always be people who identify with us and would like to know us a little better.

There is no anger in my heart or feelings of regret. I’m thankful for those I’ve met and the experiences and memories we’ve shared together. I’ve simply learned that people move on, for better or for worse. The most important thing is to be yourself. Life goes on. The sun still rises in the morning and sets in the evening, no matter what. Be you.


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