My Novel Update #2


Hello good people of the universe. I’m happy to tell you that I have now reached 13,000 words in my novel *confetti is thrown and party music starts playing*. I’m loving the writing process and I’ve learned a ton during these last 13,000 words. So without further ado, here’s what I’ve learned so far.

• Without my lengthy outline, I would be lost. There have been quite a few times when I was lost and all I had to do was check my outline and *Poof* problem solved. My outline is a road map that has saved me a ton of time that would’ve been used to think of which direction to go next. I’m not sticking to it religiously, there are some things that will change in later drafts, but it’s keeping me afloat for this first draft. Thank you Outline.

• Although I have an outline, not everything is planned out. Most of my scenes weren’t planned, so I’m making them up as I go along. I didn’t thinkmy outline would give me this much freedom, but there’s more liberation than I could’ve even imagined. For example, I wrote down “MC breaks into the castle to steal a royal artifact”, but that was a vague idea. I had to create that whole vision and weave it’s words into the paper.

• In the very early stages of this project, I felt the usual nagging voice that most writers hear in their heads. You know, the voice that tells you that what your doing is pointless, that you’re bad writer, how dare you think that you can write a book, blah, blah, blah. Anyway, that voice has disappeared a long time ago. After the first 5k, that voice has ceased to exist. Every first draft could use some examinations, but that will be taken care of during revisions. Even an established author like Neil Gaiman still has insecurities about his writing. Self-doubt is a part of the Writer’s Membership Package, and hits all of us at some point. The best thing you can do is just keep writing. Or if you’re a fan of Finding Nemo, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim. (If you read the above in Dory’s voice, then you’re awesome).

• I don’t know why, but sometimes when I write my characters’ dialogue, they speak with an English accent. It’s surprising, to say the least, but I find it rather amusing.

• I’m extremely stoked and ready to finish. I know it’s early, but I’m already imagining the cover of this novel. I see many different possibilities, but we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

My last few posts have been about this novel, but I’ll certainly be blogging about regular topics very soon. I have a post about the impact of characters on our favorite books and tv shows that’s due for posting in a few days. I’ll be doing these novel updates everytime I hit 10k, so that means the next one will come when I reach 20k.

Thank you for sitting through my cute little toddler-esque rant right there. The most important thing I would like to say is thank you for your support on this journey. I dream of one day showing you all this hard work I’ve done. One day, I will be able to say that my dream is my reality.


3 thoughts on “My Novel Update #2

  1. I love this post! You really nailed the writing process in this description, the surprises that come up along the way, that magical moment when the inner critic stops making us doubt ourselves. I found this post really inspiring. And congratulations on all the progress you are making, that’s wonderful!

    • Thank you Lauren, the inner critic doesn’t exist at this point. This whole experience is just one big surprise in general, the twists and turns, the ups and downs.

  2. I really enjoy this! I’m one of those writers who writes an outline, ditches it, and re-writes it until I find one I like – and I write the story all the while. I’m at around 15 000 words, I can’t say I’ve encountered the Doubting Critic yet… though its sure to come later on when publishing is near!

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