You Are A Wizard


What if I told you that you are a wizard?

No, no, no. I already know what you’re thinking, so let’s get this straight. I’m not Hagrid and this isn’t Harry Potter. I really mean it – you are a wizard. Why? Because you have the power to do anything, have anything, and change anything in your life.

Stop for just a moment and think about your life thus far. Think about your home, your family, the clothes you’re wearing, your friends, and all that you’ve been through. Everything that has happened to you is a direct result of the choices you’ve made. The choices of pursuing your career or meeting someone who would change your life forever were yours to make. You are a wizard and “choice” is your magic wand.

Now, this does work in both ways, good and bad. Anything negative that may have happened could’ve been your choice as well. You forgot to pay the light bill, and now your lights are off. You forgot to do the laundry, and now you can’t wear your favorite shirt to the party. You put off studying for your SAT, and now that booklet in front of you looks like Mandarin Chinese. You can blame misfortune or somebody else for what happened, but you made the choice for yourself, nobody else.

Choice is a powerful thing and with great power comes great responsibility. We all have the power to be who we want, go where we want, and have what we want. If you want to be the president, then put yourself in a position to do so. Want to go on vacation to the Bahamas? Then sacrifice buying a new pair of shoes and start saving money. Anything is possible because you can choose to make it possible.

Follow your heart, follow your dreams and you will go far. But dreaming is only half the battle. You have to make a choice to be disciplined and steady on the road to your dreams. The journey isn’t always smooth, there may be a few setbacks, but keep on going. Don’t doubt yourself – ever.

When you doubt, remember that anything you’ve achieved, you’ve made it possible. You have the potential to do so much. After all, you are a wizard. Now go ahead, make something happen.


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