Hi, How Are You? – A Rant


When I’m walking in the street and I see somebody walk past me, my first instinct is to say:
“Hi, how are you?”, “Good morning/afternoon”, or just a simple “Hello.”

Sometimes I get a “Hello” back, but usually nothing is said in return. I’m just walking past, trying to be friendly – It’s not like I’m stopping to have a 15 minute conversation. And that really grinds my gears. Continue reading


Why You’re Not Smarter Than An 8 Year Old


My 8 year old sister is smarter than me. She’s happier, care-free, and a joy to behold. She goes about through her day, living it to the fullest, not worrying about the day before, or the next day ahead. She draws the most incredible pictures, says the most thought-provoking things, and laughs like Tickle Me Elmo on steroids.

Do you remember when you used to behave the same way? Continue reading

A Fate Worse Than Death


I grew up in an environment of big expectations.

People always debated what I would grow up to be, from the millesecond I was born. Family members would say things like “Daevone, you’re going to be a great doctor, aren’t you?” and I would giggle and nod my head like the clueless child I was. Time after time, the same theme would pop up. Doctor, lawyer, accountant, scientist, judge, you get the idea. Every time I was asked what I could grow up to be, I agreed with the above professions. I was lying.

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