Hi, How Are You? – A Rant


When I’m walking in the street and I see somebody walk past me, my first instinct is to say:
“Hi, how are you?”, “Good morning/afternoon”, or just a simple “Hello.”

Sometimes I get a “Hello” back, but usually nothing is said in return. I’m just walking past, trying to be friendly – It’s not like I’m stopping to have a 15 minute conversation. And that really grinds my gears.

This doesn’t just happen with me, but also with other Earthlings all across the globe. Strangers often become stone-faced or try to act like hardasses when you try to show a bit of common courtesy, but why? Is it because they think nice people are blood thirsty serial killers or NSA spies? Do they think I’ll steal their watch off their wrist, right under their nose? Will their soul come flopping on the ground from their meat sack of a body if you utter that dastardly word “Hello”?

All in all I think that is pretty ridiculous, yo. I think that over time, we as humans have lost the respect and values that were shared by our ancestors and have taken the My Way Or The Highway approach all too often. A simple “Hello” doesn’t cost you a thing, and neither does a smile. Doing both will help make the world a better place. Fine, you don’t even have to greet me verbally, just nod my way and I’ll understand.

Maybe it’s just me who feels this way, maybe I’m the one being a baby who needs a diaper and a pacifier. What do you think? What are your views on greeting people in public?


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