Because The Night By Kristen Strassel: Author Interview


I had never read a romance novel before I read Kristen Strassel’s Because The Night, but now I’ve seen the light (hey, that rhymes hehe). I love the way Strassel portrays tension and emotions in her novel, and I hope to use those same aspects in my own writing. The novel is a wild ride from the first page to the last, and has helped open my mind to the Romance genre. So without further ado, let’s pull back the curtain and reveal the woman behind the novel. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kristen Strassel.

About Because The Night

DM: What makes Because The Night something that only you could have written?

KS: Obviously, since it’s about vampires, it’s been fictionalized, but I’ve lived this life before. I’ve been involved with music and musicians since I was old enough to go to concerts (and I started young). I’ve had so many friends in bands, friends who have dated musicians, etc. I work in television as a makeup artist, and I’ve lived in Las Vegas. As writers, we’re told to write to book we want to read, so that’s what I did.

DM: What do you love about Because The Night?

KS: I am loving people’s reactions. I love that they have different, strong opinions about the characters. I love that they freak out over certain things that happen. It’s like they get me. These are my people.

DM: If you gave one of your characters the opportunity to speak for themselves, what would they say?

KS: I really let my characters take control of my writing process, so I feel like they really do. Sometimes I don’t expect them to like something, or disagree with the other characters, but it happens organically. Also, there is a major event at the end of the book that changes everything for Callie. I had no idea that was coming. I needed a minute.

DM: Tell us an interesting fact about your novel that we never would know.

KS: I’ve actually played the hooker card game that Callie and Blade play on their first date, and people will request I bring back those hooker cards from Vegas as souvenirs.

DM: It’s 2,000 years in the future and people have taken Because The Night and now use it as their scripture for a new religion. How do you feel about that?

KS: They are so screwed.

The Woman Behind The Book

DM: Now that we have your book covered, let’s learn about the woman behind it…
What books have influenced your life and your writing?

KS: I read Stephen King and Anne Rice at an early age, and I think they both gave me a love for the macabre and supernatural.

DM: You’re a Fantasy writer, and I see that this novel is a Paranormal Romance. Why did you choose to write in that genre?

KS: Because reality could always use some extra spice.

DM: How did you begin writing? Did you always intend to be published?

KS: I always read and wrote. Julie Hutchings and I used to entertain ourselves as teenagers by passing a notebook back and forth, writing ridiculous stories. I’ve tried several times before to write a novel but was never able to finish.

DM: What’s the best compliment you’ve received as an author?

KS: Any time anyone asks to read more, that’s awesome. I’m humbled when people I haven’t met are interested in my book. The whole ride has been amazing so far and I never want it to stop.

DM: Do you have any writing rituals?

KS: Not really. I have to get things done around the house so I can relax and concentrate on the story. I also like to read over my last chapter or so and edit before I start writing for the day. I know it’s supposed to be a no no to edit as you go, but I have to.

DM: What do you do when you’re not writing?

KS: I work as a makeup artist for film, television, commercials, and weddings. I work for myself so that takes a lot of time. I also love to decorate my house. And as mentioned above, I like to read, go to concerts, dance, and watch football.

Personal Questions

DM: Now, here are some personal questions:
What’s the most annoying thing people do while driving?

KS: Drive too slow in the fast lane.

DM: What do you fear more, the monsters in the closet, or the monsters under the bed?

KS: In the closet. They keep taking the clothes I can’t find and it’s getting on my nerves.

DM: What is the perfect Saturday to you, Kristen Strassel?

KS: It’s kind of rare for me to have a Saturday off, so can I tell you my perfect Sunday instead? Sunday is my favorite day of the week. I like to wake up early, watch a little bit of CBS Sunday Morning to satisfy my inner 60 year old, go to my belly dancing class, then spend the rest of the day watching football. (Go Pats!)

DM: What’s next for you as a writer?

KS: There’s a lot going on for this series. Because the Night is the first book in The Night Songs collection. A prequel, Seasons in the Sun, should be coming any minute. Book two, Night Moves, is coming at the end of March and book three, We Own The Night, will be released in August 2014.

Because The Night is available on Amazon for $2.99

Follow her on Twitter: @KristenStrassel

Kristen Strassel and Julie Hutchings both lurk at their eternally awesome website DeadlyEverAfter where they seduce your mind with their captivating writing. So go ahead and check it out before I storm inside your house and duct tape you to the ceiling.

Kristen Strassel


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