Writing Goals For 2014


Today is New Year’s Eve: the last day of 2013 before 2014 swoops down and (hopefully) carries us to new heights. Much has been learned and much has been written during this incredible year, but now it’s time to move on and get things rolling in the New Year.

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Announcing My Newest Project


Okay, do you remember when I started writing a novel a few months ago? Well I’m in the process of revising it at this moment, and I hope to turn it into a sparkling jewel of a story. But while it’s in the revision stages, I have another project I’ve been carefully crafting these past few weeks. Continue reading

Sweet Toothed Monster


Walls started moving and the floor began shaking
Dishes crashed to the floor, the sound of glass breaking
Each of the light bulbs blew out, a dark living room
An earth-shattering sound like thunder: BOOM BOOM BOOM
They flocked to shattered windows and gazed to the East
The whole city rampaged by a 50 foot beast
Everyone hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t come near
People strayed to broken windows, frozen with fear
Hulking mass of claws and teeth like brown rusty nails
It demolished a warehouse by swiping its tail
Lightning struck and a gust of wind rattled the trees
It used its rusty claws to scavenge the debris
The creature grinned once he found what he was after
A strange dance began, followed by roaring laughter
Once the beast had left, things became fine and dandy
Turns out this monster was just craving some candy

Why Curiosity Killed The Cat


Curiosity killed the cat and out came a lion.

As a child, adults will often make one of those weird comments about how “You young whippersnappers are awfully curious”, and all we can do is giggle and smile back with our two missing front teeth. Children are commonly associated with curiosity, but every person on this planet is on their hands and knees, looking under rocks to find the truth. On one hand, our curiosity has led to countless advances in our everyday lifestyles. On the other hand, we’ve all heard that famous saying – “Curiosity killed the cat”.

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Is Time Leaving You Behind?


Are you chasing behind the train of time or are you sitting comfortably in a seat?

I’ve noticed many changes as I’ve gotten older, many of them big, many of them small. But one major change I’ve noticed is how life is changing for everyone around me. People are getting married, getting new jobs, moving across the country, trying to become billionaires, and I smile every time I see them making the progress they dream about. Speaking following dreams, I’ve noticed that as we get older, the days feel much shorter, and that leaves us scratching our heads, wondering where the time has gone. There are many days that I plan to do something, only to look at the clock flash 11:30 PM and say “You know what, I’ll do that tomorrow.”

The above phrase is all too familiar, it haunts me in my dreams and even when I’m awake. Maybe you’ve heard it as well, coming from yourself or from somebody else. That phrase is usually one of promises unfulfilled and tasks destined to be repeatedly set aside for a later date. Time moves much too quickly to make those kinds of souless commitments, and before we know it, we’re staring at a deadline that we could’ve sworn was months away. Sometimes it feels like life is moving us, we’re not moving with time. It feels like some kind of dastardly villain has hijacked our car, thrown us in the backseat, and is taking us wherever the hell he wants. It feels like we have no control over what lies ahead.

But what if I told you that you DO have control?

Every decision we ever make sets us up for the future in some way, shape, or form. The decisions you make today will form the possibilities you will meet tomorrow. Choosing to put off whatever is in front of you will only leave it unfinished for longer that in should be. We ultimately decide what we experience, and no one can take the power of choice away from us. Do you have a packed schedule and can’t call up an old friend to reconnect? Make time, make an arrangement with that friend to call them at 2 AM if you have to. Maybe you don’t have to do that, there are 24 hours in the day, surely you can find at least one of them to accomplish your goals, right? Right.

Whenever you feel you’ve lost control and that unruly crazy-eyed maniac called Time has thrown you in the backseat, remember that you’re the one with control. Reach over the driver’s seat, grab Time by the neck and thrown it in the backseat. You’re in control of your own life, so start driving and get where you want to go. Don’t let time move you, move with time.