Sweet Toothed Monster


Walls started moving and the floor began shaking
Dishes crashed to the floor, the sound of glass breaking
Each of the light bulbs blew out, a dark living room
An earth-shattering sound like thunder: BOOM BOOM BOOM
They flocked to shattered windows and gazed to the East
The whole city rampaged by a 50 foot beast
Everyone hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t come near
People strayed to broken windows, frozen with fear
Hulking mass of claws and teeth like brown rusty nails
It demolished a warehouse by swiping its tail
Lightning struck and a gust of wind rattled the trees
It used its rusty claws to scavenge the debris
The creature grinned once he found what he was after
A strange dance began, followed by roaring laughter
Once the beast had left, things became fine and dandy
Turns out this monster was just craving some candy


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