Why I Write Fantasy


The world we live in is vast, full of possibilities, and it’s a unique place with unique people. But let’s be honest: it can also be a really boring place to live. It can suck the hope from your body and parade it around in front of you like a child with a new Christmas present.

When I was younger, older people would often call me a dreamer, somebody who had their head stuck in the clouds and far from reality. I never saw the world how others saw it; I always saw life as something more than what our eyes show us. The eyes can sometimes deceive. Sometimes what we see isn’t the truth, and I’m still believe that to this very day. There is much more to life than the occasional monotony of everyday activities. To me, there is always something more to see, something more to learn, something else lying around the corner just waiting to be witnessed.

I’ve read fantasy novels for as long as I can remember, and they never let me down. Mystical creatures, magic, monsters, and a myriad of infinite possibilities await within the pages of any fantasy novel. I can open a book and find myself right next to the characters, sharing their experiences and the thrill of their world’s fantastical elements.

But fantasy to me is more than just a genre of warlocks and fire-breathing beasts. It’s an escape. It shows that it’s possible for magical things to happen in the wishy-washy real world we live in.
Whether it’s a monster in the sewers or a family of vampires moving in next door, Urban Fantasy in particular provides an interesting perspective on our real world circumstances.

Each genre has something special to offer, but everybody has their favorite, and mine is fantasy. So what about you? What is your favorite genre to read and why?


4 thoughts on “Why I Write Fantasy

  1. Friend gave me a young adult space opera science fiction book when I was 8. First book I read cover to cover, then my parents divorced. Eh it happens.

    But suddenly we’re living in a caravan, I’m on fortnightly visits with dad. Life sucked, we were poor, far from my neighborhood friends. So I went to the library.

    Life got better but I Ended up averaging maybe ten books a fortnight for the rest of the time I was in school.

    Science fiction and fantasy all the way.

    • Dug, I’m sorry to hear about your parents’ divorce. Books are comforting and will always be there for us during the good times and bad, specifically fantasy. It’s the escape that makes anything we dream of possible. Thank you for commenting.

  2. I’m with you all the way. Fantasy for life!

    Urban fantasy also happens to be my drug of choice. I’ve always been fascinated with the what-ifs of mixing fantasy elements with modern life. What if there actually are spiteful pixies that move your car keys, or invisible soldiers from beyond the veil staked out in your basement?

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