I Almost Became A Hollywood Actor


Okay I’ll admit, the title is a bit (very) misleading, but hey, anything is possible. Allow me to tell you a story:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to put on costumes, go on stage, and play the role of a fictional character. I’ve taken acting lessons, taken drama classes, and was completely invested in a diabolical idea I had of becoming Hollywood actor.

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Earth Legend By M. Sydnor Jr: Author Interview


Today we have another interview for you. Science Fiction and Urban Fantasy writer M. Sydnor Jr. has taken some time out of his busy schedule to tell us a bit about his novel Earth Legend, the first book of the Earth Legend series. Continue reading

How To Know You’re Reading An Unforgettable Book

To me, reading has always been a sacred pastime, filled with delight and adventure on every page we turn. Of course, not every book out there is a thrill, and some can even read like a computer manual. But with so many great books lurking in the world, how do you know what makes a certain book stand out from the rest? How do you know when a book will be permanently etched within the depths of your brain until the end of time?

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