Other Intelligent Life Forms

The question had been asked for as long as humans have inhabited the planet. Are we alone? Are we truly the only intelligent life in the universe?

Many people will dispute the claim that there could be life living on other planets, but why? The universe is a vast landscape of endless possibilities and we’ve barely explored a crumb of it, even with modern technology. I’m not saying that there are other surely signs of life out there on other planets, but when you think about it, anything is possible.

There may be a race of flying super intelligent purple people living on a planet outside of our awareness. And you know what? We’re probably outside of their awareness as well. It works both ways.

I think the reason people usually cringe at the mere thought of other life forms (or “aliens”) is because we fear that we may not be the most intelligent beings. There may be fear that if we do come into contact with other life, they will outsmart us and enslave human beings. Come on, you’ve seen those movies of alien invasions, so you know what I’m talking about.

We haven’t found any evidence that says we are alone, so why should we assume so? Again, this is just a curious scenario, but just think about it. What if there were other cultures out there?

Are there other intelligent beings other than humans out there? What do you think?


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