How To Know You’re Reading An Unforgettable Book

To me, reading has always been a sacred pastime, filled with delight and adventure on every page we turn. Of course, not every book out there is a thrill, and some can even read like a computer manual. But with so many great books lurking in the world, how do you know what makes a certain book stand out from the rest? How do you know when a book will be permanently etched within the depths of your brain until the end of time?

To read an unforgettable book is a feeling like no other. In fact, we’ve all read that one particular story that has changed us and made us salivating maniacs who cling to its every word. A book like that has an unexplainable strangle hold on our bodies and minds, that pulls and tugs on our heart strings with a gentle yet suffocating embrace.

An unforgettable book will make you roll around in your seat. It will stretch your face into a (hopefully) pearly white smile. You will burst out into a villainous laugh on the subway that has everyone cast you a look like you just ran outside naked covered in peanut butter. It will probably make you cry a fountain of tears for the characters you love and support. It will stretch your imagination across the barriers of this physical world and show you the endless possibilities behind every door. It will stay on your mind when you’re not reading and force you to leave work early just so you can see what happens next. You will have the burning desire to run away and hide and listen with open ears to the secrets it has to tell. You’ll feel a tidal wave rush of adrenaline crashing through your chest, just by glancing at it. An unforgettable book will turn you into a raging addict, anticipating the moment when you get your next dosage of literary cocaine. It will make us wonder and ask questions; Is there really more to life? Can love truly conquer all? Are there monsters in my closet? (Well that explains where all my missing clothes have gone…)

But most of all, an unforgettable book will force us to believe. We will cling to our beliefs the same way we clutch the book during the wee early hours of the morning. We’ll believe in certain characters, who become our friends as we root for them to accomplish their goals, no matter how impossible they may seem because they remind us of ourselves. Throughout any tough times and dark days, an unforgettable book will show us that there is still hope nestled on the horizon of tomorrow. It transports us to enchanted lands as we become one with the story that becomes our home, just the same as our physical house.

An unforgettable book is a powerful force of nature that dethrones dynasties and paves new roads for future generations. So do yourself a favor and read. Read to believe, to seek truth, and to find an unforgettable book that will take you on a roller coaster ride for the rest of your life and infinity.


6 thoughts on “How To Know You’re Reading An Unforgettable Book

  1. What a terrific description! This is how I felt reading the Outlander Series! I read it both as slow and as fast as I could.

    • I’m sure that just thinking about the series makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, right? Books like that really have a power over the mind and body. Thank you for reading.

      • Warm, fuzzy, hot and bothered and ready to travel back in time to Scotland! Ha! Great post.

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