I Almost Became A Hollywood Actor


Okay I’ll admit, the title is a bit (very) misleading, but hey, anything is possible. Allow me to tell you a story:

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved to put on costumes, go on stage, and play the role of a fictional character. I’ve taken acting lessons, taken drama classes, and was completely invested in a diabolical idea I had of becoming Hollywood actor.

A woman even mysteriously approached me in the mall one day, asking me if I would be interested in acting. She just came up to me. I strangely turned down her offer, which was probably out of nerves, with a smidgen of shock. Why would she choose me when she’s probably never seen me before? Anyway, let’s talk about my former role in theater.

In high school I was much different from the other kids in Drama class. Everybody else was seemingly possessed by the spirit of Shakespeare himself, animated with their hands and thunderous with their words. I was quiet and reserved, and admittedly insecure at my own talents compared to theirs because they seemed so invested and alive, while I was just, you know… Me.

My drama teacher would occasionally have a chat about my role in his plays and would sometimes slip in a comment about how I was a good actor. To hear him speak those words gave me confidence, but also a sense of doubt. Did he truly mean those words, or was he just a teacher trying to be friendly and encouraging to his student? Perhaps I’ll never know the answer.

It’s been a while since I’ve performed on stage, five years to be precise. Sometimes I miss the interaction with other actors and actresses, the atmosphere of the audience, the bright flashing lights, and that pristine new car smell of the theater. I’ve always wanted to write a play, or just even a script one day. To be honest, I don’t know when that when that will be, if ever.

I reflect on my theatrical days and now I realize that I really could have done it. Maybe I could have made it to Hollywood and performed on the big screen of your local movie theater. If I had stuck to performing and discarded the self-doubt that plagued me, then maybe the dream would have become a reality. Sure, I wasn’t the most naturally talented, but I believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

I’m much different today than I was five years ago. I’ve lost the urge to perform on stage, but I still have an everlasting respect for the theatrical arts. I love to sit in a theater and laugh and cry and applaud. I love knowing how actors think and what directors have to deal with behind the scenes. But the truth is, I had a love that was magnitudes greater than acting.

I love to write stories.

I yearn for the scent of loose leaf paper, the chill of adventure, and the drunken euphoria that comes with writing a story.

I’m focused on writing novels, exploring fictional worlds with the scribble of a pen or the clickity-clack of a keyboard. My theatrical days have helped me understand my characters’ emotions and their reactions to various real world situations. This whole ordeal has improved me both as a person, a storyteller, and of course, a writer.

The point is, anything is possible with unwavering faith, hard work, and inhuman dedication. Don’t allow insecurities to get in the way of your dreams or how you see your future. Thanks for taking the time to sit through this little tale I just told. Thank you for reading.


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