An Epically Horrific Restaurant Experience


It is possibly the worst restaurant to grace the face of the Earth. If it isn’t, then you better believe that it’s pretty damn close. A nightmare around the corner, the culinary bearer of bad news. I’m still brushing my teeth to pry the horrendous taste from my tongue.

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How Do I Write? A Writing Process Blog Tour


Hey guys. Before we get started, I want to thank Raytchul (@WreckingRaytch) for giving me the opportunity to talk about my writing process and how I do what I do. She’s currently writing an apocalyptic fantasy novel, so that should be a delicious read when it’s finished. She’s an immense friend who I’m grateful to have crossed paths with and somebody whose opinion I value with the utmost care. Check out her blog when you get a chance and read her insightful posts here: Wrecking Raytchul.

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