It Wasn’t Your Fault, I’m Sorry – A Rant


I wrote a blog post about a year ago, in which I wrote that you were in complete control of your life and that anything that has happened to you has been your fault. A year has passed since then, and I’ve taken in a year’s worth of lessons and values in that time. I recently re-read that post and laughed at the sheer naïveté of it all. The laughter was then replaced with shame after realizing the errors I made and I would like to say I’m sorry, because I now realize that I was wrong.

“Everything that has happened to you is a direct result of the choices you’ve made.”

Those were the words I wrote on this blog almost a year ago, and I now realize how absurd they sound.

Every person’s life is like a book. Nobody knows what lies on the next page or what obstacles or rewards may be thrown into their path at the next instant.

Yes, we do have some control over our circumstances and the choices we make, but other times a villain or a major plot twist may lurk around the corner to rock the boat.

Something can happen that derails us – a stock market crash, the death of a loved one, or even a layoff at work, but no matter the hardship, it’s up to us to rise victorious from the ashes of pain and sorrow.

So do we have a choice? You better believe we do. We can either lie down in the bed of defeat or rise to the sky like a phoenix reborn from the ashes.


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