What Am I Working On? Say Hello To “The Sanguis Jewel”


September 9, 2014 was an important day for me. It marked the day in which I wrote the final words to my novel and wrote those beloved words every writer dreams about: “The End”. I have discussed this novel a little bit in the past, but I didn’t want to say too much until the second draft was complete. But guess what? The second draft is finished, so now I’m about to spill the beans on my current work in progress (WIP): The Sanguis Jewel.

I briefly discussed this novel in a blog post a few months ago, but I didn’t get into quite enough detail. So let’s begin.

The Sanguis Jewel (sanguis is Latin for blood) is about a werewolf named Rory who must rescue his sister after a warlord curses and controls her with an ancient jewel, and uses her as a weapon to start a war in the land. Rory doesn’t have much time to act. Every moment she’s under control, the jewel drains her and it won’t be long before her soul is lost forever. It’s a medieval fantasy novel that involves many mystical creatures from werewolves to centaurs to angels.

My main character Rory is a werewolf with skeletons in his closet. He lives his life in secrecy because of an ongoing hatred against non-human creatures. Humans have historically burned and publicly brutalized any non-humans that step foot in the village. Rory can’t risk getting a normal job since his werewolf nature could be discovered, so he’s honed a keen ability to steal over the years. He’s an artful con artist and a cunning thief. In fact, he was able to hoodwink some unsuspecting folks into giving him the house he lives in.

Rory never had an enjoyable childhood like the “normal” kids and had to mature quickly. You can only imagine the deep hatred Rory harbors for the villagers after dealing with them his whole life. After all, he tearfully watched them murder his mother when he was a little boy.

Rory has raised his sister Melody on his own after their mother was killed and has been a quite a dark character ever since. Rory keeps Melody in the house most times because she’s not old enough to control her powers and tends to Change randomly, which could expose her to the villagers. He lives every day in fear of what would happen to her if they ever found out that he and Melody truly were.

Despite his bad experiences, Rory has found out that not all humans are so bad. His best friend Stone and Stone’s father have known Rory for almost his whole life and have shown him nothing but kindness. Though there’s no blood relation, Stone feels very much like his brother and Stone’s father feels very much like his father.

One day things change when a tyrant named Olabarr and his army kidnap Melody and place her under control of the Sanguis Jewel’s cursed powers. Rory will have to trust his enemies, break social barriers, and be more cunning than ever to make sure nothing happens to the only other surviving member of his family.

It’s a race against the clock. Every moment, the Sanguis Jewel drains Melody’s life and there isn’t much time to spare before her soul is lost forever.

This novel to me is unique because it deals with prejudice and discrimination in a different light than other novels would portray them. The harsh reality and social penalties of being different truly comes to power in this novel, and not to mention the consequences of mindless hatred.

And there you have it. That’s a pretty detailed, yet rough summary of the novel. Of course, it’s still in the revision phase and some things are subject to change, but those are the bare bones. I know it’s not the best description, but I had a hard time picking which information to include in this post. After all, I don’t want to give too much away, now do I?

Thank you for kindly taking time out of your schedule to read this impossibly long blog post. What do you think of the novel so far?

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