Why Do People Smoke?


To get things started, this isn’t meant to bash or insult anyone who smokes. I’ve had some questions ever since I was little about the topic and this post has been created to have an innocent discussion on the matter.

No one in my immediate family smokes, nor do I have any close friends who are smokers. I grew up seeing government funded commercials about why it was bad to put those “cancer sticks” to your mouth and all the harmful chemicals they contained. I saw people in those commercials who could barely speak, talking about how smoking had ruined their lives and some even said that the effects were so bad that they couldn’t swim at a pool party with their friends, because they would risk death.

There are informational pamphlets on smoking and its negative effects practically everywhere and I’ve always vowed to never smoke, not even a puff.

It’s known that many Americans age 50 and up got into the habit of smoking because it was seen as something that endeared them to their friends and was a trend that made them sit into the crowd.

Even then, now that technology is more advanced and we can see how harmful smoke can be on our insides, more and more people pick up cigarettes with each passing day. But my question is why?

Most people say they smoke because it relieves stress, but is temporary relief worth it when you endanger your health down the road?

I know many people understand the dangers and try to quit often, but it’s so difficult. Cigarette ads tempt the mind everywhere we look. Nicotine patches cast an arm and a leg in drugstores, and not to mention there’s peer pressure; if your friends are smokers, you don’t want to be the odd duck who’s “Too good to relax and smoke one.”

The topic is open for discussion, and maybe this will help everyone understand each other better. Who do people continue to smoke after all these years of warnings?

Please leave a comment.

I hope you have wonderful day ahead of you!


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