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Who is Daevone?

Hey. Welcome to my blog!

I’m Daevone Molyneux (pronounced Day•von Mall•in•oo) and I’m a 20 year old Fantasy writer.

I was born and raised in New York, but I currently live under the Florida sun, sharing my observations from this tropical climate on the nearest sheet of paper.

Writing has been a huge passion of mine ever since I was a havoc-wreaking little boy. In elementary school, I was the kid who got in trouble for writing “silly little stories” in math class, but I didn’t care. Writing is my therapy, my reflection, the way I connect with the world. I can’t possibly see myself without it.

I write all sorts of things, but I have a soft spot for the fantasy genre. I just love the way fantasy turns the regular into the extraordinary; it opens the mind to possibilities we never imagined. I also happen to be putting words to paper for a Fantasy novel, The Sanguis Jewel right now, which I hope to be finished by the end of 2014.

This blog is as much my home as it is yours, so please kick off your shoes, relax, and stay for a while.

On this blog, I rant, share a few observations, and talk about projects I’m currently working on. I hope you stay along for the journey, ’cause we are going to have some fun together.

I’ve been an obsessive reader my entire life. No matter where I’ve lived, I’ve loved to read any books I could get my hands on. I’ll read just about anything from any genre, since each category has something different to teach us all. I’m an obsessive reader, and I’m not ashamed.

Umm, what else am I supposed to say? Oh, not only do I love reading and writing, I love soccer (I call it football), drinking fruit smoothies, and relaxing on the nearest beach. I’m also a polyglot: a not-so-friendly sounding word that means I speak multiple languages. I speak english (duh), spanish, and french with reasonable fluency.

Whew, that was a ton of stuff. I hope you join my journey so we can have some fun together and tell stories. I hope you have as much fun reading these blog posts as I do writing them.

If you would like to connect more personally, contact me here.



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