Sweet Toothed Monster


Walls started moving and the floor began shaking
Dishes crashed to the floor, the sound of glass breaking
Each of the light bulbs blew out, a dark living room
An earth-shattering sound like thunder: BOOM BOOM BOOM
They flocked to shattered windows and gazed to the East
The whole city rampaged by a 50 foot beast
Everyone hoped and prayed that it wouldn’t come near
People strayed to broken windows, frozen with fear
Hulking mass of claws and teeth like brown rusty nails
It demolished a warehouse by swiping its tail
Lightning struck and a gust of wind rattled the trees
It used its rusty claws to scavenge the debris
The creature grinned once he found what he was after
A strange dance began, followed by roaring laughter
Once the beast had left, things became fine and dandy
Turns out this monster was just craving some candy





Sweat dripping, legs shaking, maybe the shedding of a tear

These are all side effects of a disease we call fear

The fear of spiders, strangers, or swimming in the ocean

There might not even be a more damaging emotion

You’ll end up regretting your hesitations tomorrow

Abandon fear and with it the regrets that may follow

It makes us doubt all that we know, even our credentials

We are frozen in time and never reach our potentials

Everybody has been there, blinded in the confusion

The next time you doubt remember that fear’s an illusion

When we get older we see the other side of the fence

Then we laugh about how those fears had never made any sense

It’s fear that finds me, fear that blinds me, it’s not what it seems

It’s fear that shakes me, fear that takes me away from my dreams

– Daevone Molyneux

Misunderstood Robot

robot monster

Robot monster, robot monster oh please spare us your pity

On these scared people running as you rampage New York City

News reporters think they know about you, they don’t understand

They claim you’re a weapon of destruction from the Taliban

But I think you’re a gentle giant searching for your worth

That might be the real reason why you’ve been wandering the Earth

Fear has spread all over the city and it has gone so far

That a frightened person drove off the bridge, speeding in their car

I think you’re an intriguing robot that I should try to tame

That’s why I ignore my mother’s screams and climb your metal frame

The people start shouting and pointing their fingers in dismay

I stand atop your hand looking into circle eyes of gray

A robotic creation just searching for someone to love

The nobility of a lion, but gentle as a dove

You then look back at me, giving a kind smile nevertheless

Then and there something catches my eye, the button on your chest

When I press that button, something happens to surprise us all

Our giant robot monster shrinks down to the size of a doll

The newspapers say I saved us from a robotic menace

But today I made a friend, the toy robot I named Dennis

-Daevone Molyneux


A young man thought of his family as he took off his vest

With the words United States Army embroidered on the chest

He had grown tired of being deployed all over the place

Tired of riding through countries to see another sad face

He missed his wife, daughter, mother, not to mention his two brothers

He signed up to protect his country, not to destroy others

It seems like Kim was born yesterday, now she’s turned five

This little girl wonders everyday if daddy’s still alive

He sat up in his bed that night, both eyes drowning in his tears

He then moved like a ninja through the night, packed up all his gear

A soldier who missed his family and didn’t want to fight

He left Army life behind him as he fled into the night

He thought of being back with family, thought life would be fine

Sadly he would never see them again, walking on a land mine

-Daevone Molyneux