There Are International Spies In My Neighborhood


Have you ever had the feeling that you were being watched? It’s a sickening feeling that makes goosebumps explode on your arms and your hairs raise like an eager student’s hand. You take those sharp nervous squirrel-like glances, looking this way and that, and when you don’t see anybody, you shrug and think it’s time to lay off the Vodka. I feel that way many times during walks in my neighborhood (ahem, minus the Vodka). Today, I want to talk about the spies living right around the corner.

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It Wasn’t Your Fault, I’m Sorry – A Rant


I wrote a blog post about a year ago, in which I wrote that you were in complete control of your life and that anything that has happened to you has been your fault. A year has passed since then, and I’ve taken in a year’s worth of lessons and values in that time. I recently re-read that post and laughed at the sheer naïveté of it all. The laughter was then replaced with shame after realizing the errors I made and I would like to say I’m sorry, because I now realize that I was wrong.

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An Epically Horrific Restaurant Experience


It is possibly the worst restaurant to grace the face of the Earth. If it isn’t, then you better believe that it’s pretty damn close. A nightmare around the corner, the culinary bearer of bad news. I’m still brushing my teeth to pry the horrendous taste from my tongue.

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Why I Hate Scientists


Scientists – I hate them with the burning passion of 3,000,000 suns, and that’s not an exaggeration. Well, maybe it is, just a little bit. I know what your thinking: “What kind of sick demented person hates the lovely people who cure diseases and work all day in labs in their spotless white coats?” *raises hand* For my explanation, I’ll have to give you a bit of prologue… Continue reading

Hi, How Are You? – A Rant


When I’m walking in the street and I see somebody walk past me, my first instinct is to say:
“Hi, how are you?”, “Good morning/afternoon”, or just a simple “Hello.”

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Why You’re Not Smarter Than An 8 Year Old


My 8 year old sister is smarter than me. She’s happier, care-free, and a joy to behold. She goes about through her day, living it to the fullest, not worrying about the day before, or the next day ahead. She draws the most incredible pictures, says the most thought-provoking things, and laughs like Tickle Me Elmo on steroids.

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