A Pocketful of Memories


“A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.”

I just saw that quote in the intro of one of my favorite tv shows and my jaw dropped into my bowl of chips. No matter how good or bad things are going for us, our memories are always intact. They are travel companions, long lost friends, and places that are long gone. 

Many times throughout the day, I like to just kick back and reflect on all the people I’ve met so far in my life. Each person has a story to tell and an experience unique only to them. I think about the laughs we shared, the sorrows we empathized, and those moments of comfortable silence between us. I think about the places we’ve been and about the places we planned to go. I hang on to these memories because they are usually all I have left. 

A few of my former friends can’t be reached as easily as before. I’ve moved to a few new states, and a few of them have moved as well. Sometimes relationships just break apart as people get older. No matter how it happened, it’s just life. Nowadays, the only thing I have left of those mythical people is a pocketful of memories. 

I don’t just remember the people who I’ve come across. I think about the simpler days when I was little, playing Nintendo and throwing fireballs at Bowser on Super Mario 64. I think about when I didn’t have to worry about the trivial things in life like calling phone companies and answering the doorbell, only to be greeted by a longwinded and rather unpleasant door-to-door salesman. I think back and compare 10 year old me to the 22 year old me. As a side note, my 22nd birthday was on October 5 and I made more memories to cherish for many days to come. I think about how I’m fundamentally the same person I’ve always been, although my worldview has changed a bit from experiencing new scenarios and new people. 

I remember a lot about my childhood, but sadly, some memories are blurry like a ship on the horizon that will never reach the shoreline. I often wonder about those lost memories as I try to remember how I felt on a particular day and how I reacted to certain life events. How would I ever recall my feelings, my joy, my boredom, or my sorrow? Well, here is the fun part. 

I’ve decided to go out and buy a journal. I used to keep one when I was in elementary school, but I (regretfully) threw it away after the kids in class found out and made fun of me for it. Ah, the cruelty of school children, eh? I want a journal with a lock and I’ll be the only person who knows how to break the code. I want to look back on my experiences ten years from now and re-live these days like they just happened five minutes before. 

If anything important happens on a particular day, I’ll jot down the date and everything right before I go to bed. I’ll paint pictures with words in excruciating detail. 

Starting today, not a single vital detail will be left out. I wonder what 28 year old Daevone will think about 22 year old Daevone. I’d love to see how much I’ve changed throughout the next few decades and maybe, just maybe, even millenniums. 

With that being said, what about you? Would you consider keeping a journal so you can remember the good times and the bad? The positive and negative people who taught you priceless life lessons? The taste of Mother’s homemade cake on a cloudy Sunday morning? That picnic in the park with the person you would turn out to marry?

“A man’s real possession is his memory. In nothing else is he rich, in nothing else is he poor.” 

Happy Halloween! 


We Fear What We Don’t Understand


I remember it like it was yesterday. Yes, I know that’s a cliché, but for all intents and purposes, it works. I was in my literature class, sitting in the furthest corner of the room away from the door, chatting with some friends during the free time our teacher had given us. It was a diverse corner of the room, and many of my friends had parents who were immigrants and still had a strong connection to lands outside of the United States. On this day, the subject of religion came up. Among us there were Muslims, Christians, Hindus, and Wiccans, and we spoke about the differences and traditions between each of the religions. We spoke about holidays, sacred days of worship, and even prominent figures within each religion. It was a real learning experience for all of us.

My teacher overheard our conversation and cut it short, saying that the topic of religion was forbidden in her classroom. The second the words left her mouth, I knew that she was afraid. It’s admittedly a touchy subject and if the wrong thing is said, a fight could have easily happened, at least in her eyes.

My friends and I were having an innocent and insightful discussion. Nobody raised their voices, argued, or anything even close to that. We were all open minded individuals, seeking to learn something new about each other. Of course, religion is a sensitive topic in any part of the world, but we all kept both ears open.

I bring this story up because it serves as an example. No matter which religion or part of the world my friends came from, we were all accepting of each other’s beliefs. What someone believes is their reality. It is true to them, so a belief can never be wrong in the eye of the beholder. Our belief system is what makes us who we are today and structures the way we interact with the world altogether.

The world would be a better place if we sat down and got a chance to know one another. We can learn a lot when we keep our ears open and our mouths closed. Understanding is the key to peace and happiness between us all.

Just look at the way children interact with each other. They don’t judge and willingly accept world that comes toward them. A child is lightyears ahead of an adult when it comes to being a good student.

Through an open minded approach, we can understand, and then sympathize with one another. Our bonds become stronger and the bridges of friendship are build right before our eyes.

People fear what they don’t understand, so make it a point to learn. You will find out that there is nothing to fear and that this world is much bigger and more glorious than we could have ever anticipated.

The Little Things That Count: On Scrapbooking, Collections, & Photographs


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Life Goes On



In high school, everyone just wanted to be accepted.

When I was in high school, I hung around all sorts of people, because I too wanted to be accepted. I would dress like a certain group, talk like them, and even download whatever music they listened to.

With each passing year, I changed a little as I started to learn who I truly was, who Daevone truly was. Each new self-discovery distanced me from some of those I knew. Today, I look at some of the people I knew in high school and what used to be similarities between us have now become differences. They have changed and so have I.

Today, thinking about those friends who I no longer speak to struck a nerve because of the memories we’ve had together. Fun times, conversations, inside jokes, and just plain old companionship are all hard to forget.

People change as they grow older, and with those changes comes a sort of friction. We lose touch with some people we meet in our lives, but we’ll meet many more who share our interests as well.

Today, I have a wonderful group of friends who appreciate me and we share the same interests. It feels as though old friends were never lost, they were simply replaced and upgraded. I’ve learned that no matter where we live or who we chose to be, there will always be people who identify with us and would like to know us a little better.

There is no anger in my heart or feelings of regret. I’m thankful for those I’ve met and the experiences and memories we’ve shared together. I’ve simply learned that people move on, for better or for worse. The most important thing is to be yourself. Life goes on. The sun still rises in the morning and sets in the evening, no matter what. Be you.