Things Are Changing


Something happens as we get older. The script flips. Things that once seemed forever are now only temporary, or cease to continue. I have a few friends who are going through rough patches is their lives because they never thought that the metaphorical roof over their heads would ever collapse. 

I have a friend who lives in another country. We used to spend hours talking and laughing every day, but we heard each other’s voices at all in the past few months. He’s going through a few tough times at home and now he basically has to start his life over again. He’s moving from his house, looking for a job, and just trying to sort his life out all together. He’s even had to sell some of his most precious belongings so he can raise enough money to live the life he dreams about. Like the rest of us, I’m sure he thought that life would be straight and narrow, but that is never the case. 

There are few things in this world that are forever. Sunny days are bound to turn rainy. Rainy days are bound to turn sunny. That’s just the way the world is, has always been, and always will be. Things change, but those events do not define who we are. It’s what we do about them that make us. Sure, things may be tough for you right now, but as long as you hold your head high, stay calm, and tell yourself “I’ve got this,” then you’ll be even stronger when those stormy seas become steady once again. 

Even when things are going well, it doesn’t hurt to prepare ourselves for an unexpected event. Nobody predicts a divorce, a layoff at work, the death of a loved one, or a frozen bank account. Anything can happen at any given time.   

In the past year, I’ve meet new people and I’ve lost others. I’ve found out who my real friends are, and I found out who really didn’t deserve to be called a friend. I’ve learned to appreciate what I have now instead of wasting these precious moments living in the future. 

Life changes. Seeds grow into trees, people change addresses, and even the strongest empires will eventually crumble. No matter what challenges you may face in your life, it’s not what happens to you that matters. It’s what you do about it. And to you, dear reader, I wish you a thousand years of success and happiness. 

“How it was ain’t how it is. How it is ain’t how it will be.”


Why You Should Run From Your Problems


It’s a dark day. Nothing has worked out, you’re on the brink of tears and saying it’s time to pack it up and move on. The weight has been too much to bear and you just can’t take any more. Those sleepless nights in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering just what else you can do. If that sounds familiar, then this post is for you.

You want to run away, to flee from your problems and never return. It hurts to see your alcoholic mom passed out on the floor when you come home. The rent is due next week, but you don’t have the money to pay, and an eviction notice looms. You obeyed the road signs perfectly, but a car still smashed into yours, leaving you in a hospital for six months of therapy. And that doesn’t scratch the surface of the problems some of us go through. It usually starts out the same: white hot rage stews inside you and you throw things across the room. Maybe you punch a hole in the wall and scream at the top of your lungs for good measure. But after the anger comes the abysmal sadness. That feeling you’re alone, that no one cares, and there’s nothing you can do. The once angry eyes burn painfully with tears.

The pain builds up for days, sometimes weeks, and even years. You want to talk to someone about your problems, but you back out at the last second, with the fear of being judged. But one day you gather the courage and talk to someone about your problems. They nod and listen. The balloon in your chest deflates. This person tells you they know what you’re going through and gives you advice, but you’re offended. How could they possibly know what it’s like to be in your situation? You’re visibly frustrated and leave without warning while old wounds open once more.

We’ve all been there. Different people are faced with different challenges. During those dark periods, your mind is cloudy and the light at the end of the tunnel is dim. You can’t possibly tell anyone else about your problems; you tried that and it didn’t work. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve banged your head against the wall.

You space out and think about leaving, running away. No one understands the struggle you go through and you ask yourself if anyone would miss you or notice you’re gone. Anything you’ve tried hasn’t worked, and this may be the only way. You pack a bag of clothes and necessities and throw it over your shoulder. You slam the front door shut and make your way down the street to an unknown destination. But something pulls at your mind and you stop at the end of the block. No. You can’t just give up, because the problem would never go away. With a devious brew of nerves and crippled confidence, you turn around and go home.

You make a plan. You mentally map out your journey; the steps you need to take, checkpoints you’re going to hit, and missions you have to accomplish to achieve your goals. Instead of packing your bags and leaving, you pack your bags mentally as you board the long yet rewarding train to the life you envision. You plan and dream, ignoring the voice of doubt in your head. This has to work, you’ve tried everything. After all, what more do you have to lose?

Days pass, months, and maybe a few years. Some days are filled with glee and progress, others not so much, but you carry on the fight with your goals in mind. You pack your bags for the “train” and it’s in full motion. At first, it seems like false hope, but as time passes by, the train travels further and you see a change of scenery outside your window. The landscape changes and the sun shines brighter and yes, the grass is greener.

The train eventually stops and you get off at your station. So much has changed since you made the decision to come aboard. Your life has changed for the better and you can start to live the way you’ve always dreamed. You stand at the station and collapse to the ground and roll with your fists clenched in victory and a smile that angels envy.

After everything you’ve been through; the pain, the insecurities, and the doubts, things are the way they should be. Aren’t you glad you didn’t surrender when it seemed impossible? Anything can happen when you pursue the reality you dream of and never give up.

Please share this post with anyone who has a problem. Together we can help each other overcome anything.

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.